Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How We Got to Today...In Pictures

November 2011 -The residents of Creekside Mobile Estates, a 55+ community, host a potluck dinner Thanksgiving Dinner to celebrate Fire Station 6's return to service
11/6/13 - Engine 6 rolls out on its first call for service

11/6/13 -The City of Vancouver and the neighborhoods hold a re-opening ceremony. Local business, Simply Sweets donates a fire helmet cake and Mayor Tim Leavitt declares the station open as Engine 6 rolls through the tape. Fire Department staff Station 6 with an Engine instead of a Truck this time around.
Summer 2011 - The "SAFER 13" get sworn into duty
The "SAFER 13" T-Shirt logo with the symbolic phoenix rising from the ashes

8/30/11 - The Vancouver City Council votes to approve accepting the SAFER grant that will hire 13 firefighters for 2 years. The 13 recruits, called the "SAFER 13" make shirts for the class.
Summer 2011 - The City begins painting and working on repairs to Station 6 - even though the station remains closed and the City Council has yet to accept the SAFER grant awarded in March.

Fall 2010 - Sign in front of Fire Station 6 telling residents that the station will no longer be in service
February 2011 - "Advertisement" placed on milk carton and delivered to the City Council retreat. Along with the milk, doughnut holes are sent to symbolize the "doughnut hole" of response time created by the closure of station 6.
12/30/2010 - Friends of Fire Station 6 President Mary Elkin stands in front of crowd on a very cold night at the Farewell Candlelight Tribute - photo by Steven Lane
City Council Member, Bart Hansen, addresses a crowd rallied in front of the station to oppose its closing. Councilman Hansen would be the only member of the Council to vote "No" on the budget that closed the station
Friends of Fire Station 6 President, Mary Elkin, speaks with the media at the rally to keep the station open


9/18/2010 - A rally to protest the closure of Fire Station 6 is held in front of the station.

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