Sunday, July 3, 2016

2016 Emergency Service Meals

It all started 5 years ago, in 2011, with one fire station.

My husband John and I heard a story about how hard it was for a firefighter to sit down and eat a meal on July 4th and making a meal was out of the question. They were too busy running from call to call. We always try to support our neighborhood fire station any way we can, so we decided to make them a nice BBQ dinner and deliver it on July 4th.

Anne McEnerny-Ogle's Profile Photo
When Anne McEnerny-Ogle heard about our plan, she loved the idea so much she said, "Let's feed every firefighter in Vancouver!". #AnneFan So, that's what we did. She paid for the entire endeavor out of her own pocket that year, and every year since. She baked the cobblers and cornbread. John smoked pork butts for pulled pork sandwiches and made baked beans. I made the coleslaw. Anne and her husband Terry delivered to 5 stations on the west side of town and we did five on the east side of town.

It got larger every year.

This year, we will feed over 200 firefighters and police officers on July 4th. Over 30 people showed up to help package food for delivery and multiple people will deliver to the stations. (I insist that John and I get to deliver to Station 6 - no matter what.)

Wonderful things have happened! Our community is learning how hard our first responders work to keep us safe. My neighbors know that there is something they can do to show their appreciation and support. In my neighborhood, we do this all year and hope it spreads everywhere in the city!

John Gentry's Profile PhotoJohn and Joyce Gentry have been involved for a few years now as well. They have arranged for the professional kitchen for all the packaging. John is also an excellent photographer and took several pictures of all the volunteers this morning. The photos can be seen here.

John and Mary Elkin - Friends of Fire Station 6

Mary McDowell Elkin's photo.
This is Vancouver (not BC) Washington (not DC) USA
We support our first responders every day!